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Shauna Boeke CFT

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer ID# 719124
ISSA Certified Specialist Fitness Nutrition #895345
Certified American Heart Association First Aid, CPR, AED
Juice Plus+ Representative

Hi! My name is Shauna,

I am a mother of two boys who I just adore, and love being a mother. At my lowest point of my life I was weighing 260 lbs. and I am 5' 1”1. I had started working out and I tried my hardest to lose weight. I never saw the results I wanted and became frustrated with myself and gave up and making excuses that I didn't have the time anyways with two kids. A couple years later I started back at the gym and gave it another shot. I knew I needed to do something with myself, I had realized I was unhappy, no confidence, no self-esteem, and no energy left to give. Ironically at the gym I was going to, they had a BAER Fit Trainer there. As time passed away and I watched, I knew that was exactly what I needed. I ended up hiring a BAER Fit trainer to push me and help me succeed my goals. I couldn't afford a trainer at that time in my life so I had to make changes in my lifestyle and give up certain things so I could keep my trainer. Approximately two years later with my trainer I was down 100 lbs., lost to many inches to even remember. I gained so much self-esteem, confidence, and most important I gained my life back. I became so involved into the fitness world I got certified through ISSA to become a Certified Fitness Trainer so I can help others succeed their goals and change their lives in the way my life was changed. I have been changing lives for two years now and it is the greatest feeling to be able to help others achieve their goals. I am happy and honored to say that I am a BAER Fit Trainer now, and looking forward to change many more lives here at BAER Fit.

Love Life to the fullest and NEVER GIVE UP on your goals!!!

Let me know if I can help succeed your goals!!!

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