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Jill Smith BA, CFT, CSFN, CSYF

Director of Training, BAER Fit
ISSA Elite Trainer
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer ID# 349327
ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition ID# 773322
ISSA Certified Specialist in Youth Fitness ID#
Certified American Heart Association First Aid, CPR, AED
Juice Plus+ Representative

We are all capable of great change and success. Determination and dedication can drive us to reach our goals, whatever those goals may be. Something brought you to BAER Fit and its trainers. And we are all here to give you the tools and direction you need to achieve those goals.

My name is Jill, and I am a fitness-crazy, child-raising, book-reading, animal-loving, Psychology major from USC Columbia. I have been passionate about my personal fitness since my late twenties when I realized that I was unhappy with my health. Newly married and wanting to have children, I began my weight loss and fitness journey and have not looked back since. I have been on the other side of the fence, so to speak, seeking that direction from personal trainers.

I began my career in fitness in 2009 when I moved here to Ohio. I trained, competed and placed in a Figure Competition in 2010. I started in the field by leading and instructing classes while continuing my education in fitness. I obtained my ISSA fitness training certification as well as certifications in various related fields including a Boot Camp and the required CPR/AED certifications. I instruct Spinning, Pilates, Boot Camp, Sculpting and Abs classes at a few different locations.

I absolutely love empowering and motivating individuals to set and reach their fitness goals. Technique, discipline and determination are the foundation for a successful training program. Keeping training functional and fun for my clients and my classes and educating them in the importance of proper nutrition is a top priority for me. Helping others allows me to grow as a trainer. Life is a journey of continued growth. A leader needs to continue to grow to help others grow. I am a goal setter; I live life to the fullest, continuing to make myself more knowledgeable and constantly striving to do my best. I consider myself to be lucky to be able to work in a field that I am so passionate about.

When you are ready to change your future, contact me. We'll take the fitness journey together.

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