The Intelligent Approach to Fitness

Getting Moving

As humans we are unique creatures. Everyday life has little endurance. Science and technology has made us lazy and keeps us inactive. Moving is essential to keep ourselves healthy. You must move to continue moving as we age.

Cardio and Weight training play a major role in building strong capable bodies to help us navigate this world. Learn more about movement below. To learn about body compisition click here. To learn more about our nutrition click here.


This is exercise that is for your respiratory system, helps to give you more endurance, and does burn some WEIGHT. I said weight, not fat by itself. Cardiovascular exercise does not build lean (muscle) tissue. It does create a demand on the body for more oxygen, good thing, and expends calories and body weight, (fat and muscle).

Normally, about 30-45 minutes of cardio, 3 times a week is all you need. This is enough to really keep you healthy from a cardio point of view. And mix up what you do. Your body will adapt to what you do if you do the same thing day in, day out. And cardio does not mean that you must run till you drop. They have shown that brisk walking will do as much good for you as running. So pick activities that you will enjoy. You will be more likely to do them on a regular basis.

Weight Training

This is where you will win. Weight training builds lean tissue (muscle) which in turn burns FAT 24 hours a day. As you read earlier, a pound of fat will burn 3-5 calories a day, while a pound of muscle will burn up to 53 calories a day. But how do we build muscle?

You have to ask the body to build muscle. You must do weight training, or start washing your own car, cutting your own grass and just move! You go to the gym and lift weights, whether they are free weights or machines does not matter.

NOTE: Ladies you will NOT bulk-up. You do not have the right hormones! Even with the right hormones men have to work very hard to "bulk".

Just three times a week, with a day off from weight training in between, is the best way to start lifting. For a complete assessment on where to start contact one of our experienced trainers today!

Pro Tip

Make a journal to keep track of you exercises, sets, reps and the weight used every time. This is the only way to see and know how you are progressing. Research shows that people, who keep journals about their eating and exercising, always improve better, faster, safer and maintain results longer than those that do not use journals.

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